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Gypworld Workshop
Dear participants in the 3rd GYPWORLD in Almería:
We welcome you to this scientific event. It is a pleasure for us to share this week with you, either live or through streaming (information to follow the sessions of the workshop online will be available tomorrow). The latest version of the program is available here and the Book of abstracts can be downloaded from here.

In addition, to follow the sessions of the workshop online, Zoom  video platform will be used.  To join Zoom meeting, click here:
And include the following information:
Meeting ID (ID de reunión): 868 1872 9322
Access code (Código de acceso): 745598

The workshop activities start with the GIS and niche modelling training course. This course will take place at CITE III, classroom number 3 (see location map here). Shortly before the start, at 09.00 you will be able to register and collect the congress material. You can also find documentation on-line here. To attend the modelling course online, participants will connect the virtual classroom following the link:

The official inauguration of the workshop will take place on Tuesday, May 10, and will be in a hall located next to the paraninfo (see location map). There, documentation will be distributed again to those who have not previously obtained it.This first day, after lunch, we will travel to the town of Arboleas where we will visit some lapis specularis mines, the so-called crystal of the empire. At the end of the course we will show a short 10-minute video about this mineral that was of great value during the Roman Empire (this video can be viewed or downloaded here). We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, because in addition to entering the mine we will take a short walk around it. After the visit, the town hall of Arboleas will offer us a snack before returning to Almería. The arrival in Almería is estimated around 8:30 p.m.
Finally, we have prepared a book that will be fully available in few days, and includes different aspects related to gypsum outcrops. One of the chapters is dedicated to lapis specularis and can be downloaded here.

More information soon.

Thank you very much for your participation. Best wishes,
Sarah Palacio and Juan Francisco Mota (conference chairs).
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